Thread Lifts


A thread lift is a simple and dramatically less invasive technique compared to a traditional face lift. A thread lift is safe and effective without the extensive recovery time. Threading provides subtle, natural-looking immediate results by pulling sagging tissues in an upward direction to give patients a more relaxed, fresh appearance helping to improve the natural contours of your face. Thread lifts can be used to lift sagging cheeks, eyebrows and adjust any asymmetry in your face. They also can be used to stimulate collagen and remove fine wrinkles.

Self-absorbing, tiny sutures are placed beneath the skin and can be used to stimulate collagen growth in specific areas such as cheeks, lips and wrinkles, or can be placed to specifically draw back skin folds or wrinkles to provide lift (brow lift, cheek lift, neck lift, contoured jaw lines). These tiny threads can even be used to provide lifts to the belly, knees, buttocks, arm flaps, or breast.

The procedure is typically completed within an hour, is performed under local anesthesia and light breathable analgesia, called the Pro-Nox system, which uses a combination of nitrous oxide and oxygen, may be used for patient comfort as needed. Depending on the age of the patient at the time of the procedure, the degree of sagging and the number of threads used, typically last 18 months if no major changes in weight occurs. Pricing starts at $300.

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