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Dr. Greg Thompson is Chief Medical Officer of the Southeastern Institute of Restorative Medicine, an anti-aging medical practice he founded in 2017 after a distinguished 30-year career as a physician and health educator. After graduating from the University of New England, College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1987, Doctor Thompson completed his internship and residency in Family Medicine at The Waterville Osteopathic Hospital in Maine. He subsequently served as an Emergency room physician and ran a successful Family Practice locally before moving to the greater Portland area in 1992. There, he focused on an eclectic medical practice utilizing traditional medicine and surgery, Osteopathic manipulation for pain, Homeopathic prescribing to reduce the need for typical medications and used Functional medicine, a holistic approach to health using diet and nutriceuticals.

Early in his career, Dr. Thompson questioned the standard belief that a physician’s primary duty is to treat the effects of disease. All too often, he observed doctors prescribing medications that merely suppressed symptoms rather than addressing the underlying causes, and the promotion of true healing. Insufficient emphasis was being placed on reversing the degenerative processes and lifestyle choices that led to disease. For patients, the results of ‘modern medicine’ were both tragic and predictable; a rapid loss of health and vitality as their illnesses progressed from one stage to the next. In Dr. Thompson’s view, conventional medicine was failing far too many patients. He resolved to find a new approach to healing that preserved health and wellness before disease and aging had a chance to take hold.

Dr. Thompson’s journey led him to teach the next generation of physicians in the form of medical students, and he was the founding Chair of Osteopathic Principles and Practice at medical schools in Tennessee and Alabama for 10 years, while continuing to treat patients of all ages. While openly admitting and utilizing the benefits of modern medicine, the downside of not being able to cure a single chronic malady led to the search of uncovering the body’s innate ability to recover from disease, utilizing its own inherent abilities.

Today, Dr. Thompson is once again in private practice, embracing and energetically pursuing the use of Osteopathic Manipulative medicine for pain, and placing himself at the forefront of the rapidly evolving science of regenerative and aesthetic anti-aging medicine.

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